CaraHome - Interior

Everything on board: In the CaraHome we leave nothing undone to make your holiday as comfortable as possible.


The cup holder secures the drinks during the meal – hurray! The robust fabrics of the dinette would be easy to wipe off but we don’t necessarily have to test it …

The highlights in the living area

  • Flexible and large dinette
  • Spacious ceiling cupboards
  • Ambient lighting

Whether great equipment, a comfortable bathroom, maximum headroom or extra space in the wide alcove bed: you, your friends and your family will feel at home in the CaraHome!


I’m glad that there’s a 3‐flame cooker in my CaraHome – I can cook easily for everyone at the same time. My son is also hoo‐ ked when it comes to cooking! No way that men need so much space for cooking, I’ll do that on a narrow space as well.

The highlights in the cooking area

  • Spacious kitchen drawers
  • Worktop extension
  • Soft close function


Getting the kids to sleep is really a job in itself. Only good that they are separated in the rear bunk bed… Paula is allowed to read longer in the evening, so the individually adjustable bed light is a hit! And if Tobias doesn’t stop annoying Paula from below, I’ll convert the dinette into a bed for him tomorrow!

The highlights in the sleeping area

  • Cosy sleeping places
  • EvoPore HRC light mattresses
  • Several bed variants


You don’t really need to put on a fancy hairstyle on a family holiday but a bit of style is fine, Sarah says. She obviously feels at home in the bathroom of the CaraHome: here she finds everything she needs to enter a „civilized world“ again. We time travelers see the bathroom more as a „decontamination capsule“.

The highlights in the bathroom area

  • Sliding washbasin
  • Dometic ceramic cassette toilet
  • Low shower step


Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 2 deco pillows
  • 2 sleeping pillows
  • 2 cuddly blankets
  • 1 table runner

The CaraHome upholstery fabrics

Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - TURIN Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - FOREST Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - STONE WATER Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - BLOOM Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - DUSK Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - SZECHUAN Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - ACTIVE NAVY (Active Line) Die CaraHome Polsterstoffe im Interieur - FIFTY SHADES
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
FIFTY SHADES (synthetic leather)
Available at extra cost.