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Semi-integrated motorhomes

You want maximum flexibility, large living space and a vehicle that is still slim and dynamic? Then a semi‐integrated model is exactly the right for you.

What is a semi-integrated motorhome?

A semi‐integrated motorhome – or „semi‐integrated‟ for short (and even shorter: „TI‟) – is probably the best known motorhome variant and currently also the most sold.

The advantages of a semi-integrated model:

  • huge selection of models and layouts
  • practical usability
  • attractive price‐performance ratio

Their versatility and flexibility make TI suitable for almost all camping needs, from beginners to professionals.

What are the advantages of a semi-integrated model?

The main advantages of a semi‐integrated motorhome are its versatility, practical usability and attractive price‐performance ratio. WEINSBERG also offers you a wide range of different models and layouts for semi‐integrated motorhomes.

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