CaraHome - Exterior

Showing off more is not possible: The CaraHome is a full‐grown motorhome that offers enormous space thanks to its alcove.

#teamWEINSBERG - A motorhome for the whole family

With a classic alcove construction, two separate sleeping areas and space for up to six people. The CaraHome owes its sleek appearance to its sophisticated chassis, modern architecture and stylish exterior design. The big one is really worth seeing!

The alcove. No other motorhome flies higher.

The revolutionary SUPERLIGHT technology

How did we manage to get almost 30 % more payload out of our two largest models? It’s simple: we paid attention to every little detail and used the most modern construction materials we could find. From the furniture to the chassis: SUPERLIGHT is super high‐tech for your holiday!

Important note: In summer 2021, the FIAT base vehicle will be replaced from the DUCATO 7 to the DUCATO 8. Therefore, please note that some illustrations of the DUCATO do not correspond to the current (new) series status.