The sum of many details.

What makes our motorhomes special?

WEINSBERG DNA. Sounds powerful, right? Thanks to the passion and experience of our employees (many of them are enthusiastic campers themselves) we know what is important „out there“. That is why WEINSBERG motorhome competence can be seen in the smallest screw as well as in the large storage space. Motorhome competence is not always visible. But it is noticeable on every journey.

Comfort and health

Fabrics make a significant contribution to the ambience. At WEINSBERG, fabrics are not only of high quality and perfectly processed, but also have that certain something in terms of design.

Sleeping, resting, dreaming

As you make your bed so you must lie on it. At WEINSBERG, exclusively on high‐quality slatted frames as standard. These guarantee the best stability and excellent ventilation. Put on the EvoPore mattress and good night!

Everything fits together perfectly here

Here everything makes a good match. As a dedicated carpenter, I am proud that we at WEINSBERG work of course with an elaborate full‐body construction and a precisely fitting dowelling technology.

Furniture making and quality

Full‐body construction including back panels. In every WEINSBERG there is a crucial quality criterion: handwork, longevity and long lasting pleasure.

Knowledge meets skills

To be able to pay attention to every little detail when assembling the various elements, a lot of knowledge, skill and craftsmanship is required.

Perfect vehicle construction and longevity

We build on security. After all, the future owners should always feel well looked after in our caravans. And that for many years to come.

Vehicle technology and supply

We strive for the best possible travel experience for our customers. That is why we are extremely careful when selecting our partners and only use what really convinces us. The bluuwater water filter for hygienically clean water is one such example

Pure fun inside

The WEINSBERG motorhome body doors with many functions (available 600 mm and 700 mm wide / depending on layout).

With windows incl. Darkening  
Multiple lock  
Driving rain seal (double seal)
Automotive locking system
2 coat hooks, foldable
Limit stop hardware with gas pressure spring  
Umbrella compartment  
Concealed hinges  
Multifunctional bag  
Central locking system    
Coming Home Lighting    

Alloy rims in exclusive WEINSBERG design

Our 17“ alloy rims in WEINSBERG DESIGN are equipped with high‐quality Falken all‐season tyres as standard which can also be driven in winter on ice and snow.

  • M+S / 3PMSF identification
  • No more buying winter tyres
  • No additional investments

Thule awnings: for even more comfort

Always well protected. Awnings from the quality manufacturer Thule make your WEINSBERG holiday even more pleasant. As effective protection from sun, rain and wind, they also create a cosy atmosphere and extend the living space at the campsite. Our awnings are available in various sizes (depending on the layout) and impress with their special durability thanks to waterproof, wind‐resistant PCR fabrics, simple assembly and absolute stability.

  305x255cm 355x250cm 405x250cm 455x250cm 500x250cm
X-Cursion Van 500 LT / 500 MQ
CaraCompact 600 MEG / 600 MF /640 MEG (MB) / 640 MEG Suite (MB)
CaraLoft 600 MF 650 ME / 650 MF
CaraSuite 650 MF / 650 MG / 700 ME
CaraHome 550 MG 600 DKG 650 MEG / 650 DG
CaraCore 650 MF / 650 MEG 700 MEG

COZY HOME Design packages

Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 4 pillows with feather filling (2 x 60 x 40 cm & 2 x 40 x 40 cm)
  • 2 blankets
  • a matching table runner

Components optionally available

For recreational vehicles of the WEINSBERG brand, we grant you a 10‐year tightness guarantee on the bodywork manufactured by us within the framework of our guarantee conditions valid at the time of vehicle delivery, in addition to your statutory guarantee.