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You want to buy a new motorhome, camper van or caravan from WEINSBERG? In our FAQs „"Before purchase"‟,  we answer the most frequent questions about model selection, dealer search, financing and picking up your new WEINSBERG touring vehicle.

Just click on the questions you are interested in to read the respective answers. If your question is not answered in the FAQs, you can also contact us directly.

Questions and answers

How can I configure my desired vehicle?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer an interactive configurator on weinsberg. com yet – but we are working on it at full speed. The best alternative is to make an appointment with a dealer close to you. He or she can advise you on all options and will be happy to provide you with a non‐binding offer for your personal dream vehicle.

If you are still undecided which layout suits you best, we can make your decision easier with the layout finder.

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Where can I find a WEINSBERG dealer close to me?

You can find a WEINSBERG dealer near you by using the dealer search. To find a dealer in your area, just enter your postcode. We will then list dealers in your area and show you which services and vehicle categories are offered on site.

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Does the dealer near me have my desired layout on site?

You have already decided on a WEINSBERG model or layout? Then you will find a specific dealer search on the detail page of the layout which is already preset to the respective model and layout.

If you have already found a WEINSBERG dealer in your area, you will also find the models currently in stock on site in the dealer search. First select your dealer and then click on the button „"More details"‟.  Under „"Available vehicles"‟,  you will now find all the models that your local dealer has in stock.

Attention: Knaus Tabbert does not guarantee for completeness and correctness of the information.

How does the order/purchase process work?

You can discuss the order or purchase with your dealer on site. The dealer is your contractual partner and will be happy to assist you with all questions regarding your purchase. 

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How can I find out the current delivery times?

You have questions about delivery times and want to know when you can enjoy your first holiday with your WEINSBERG motorhome, caravan or camper van? Your dealer can answer this question. He can always check the current status of your order and thus keep you up to date. 

Please note that only the dealer is your contractual partner. WEINSBERG as manufacturer is therefore not entitled to give you information about delivery times.

Is it possible to finance a motorhome, caravan or camper van?

You want to finance your new WEINSBERG touring vehicle? No problem! Our financing partner, the Sparkassen‐Kreditpartner GmbH, will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about financing options. You can find contact details here:

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A little tip: The financing price of the basic equipment is already included in the model overviews.

Does WEINSBERG have a showroom where I can take a look at vehicles?

In our plant in Jandelsbrunn we offer a showroom for collection vehicles or special exhibitions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a showroom for sales or presentation purposes. But you can find many WEINSBERG models regularly at trade fairs and events all over Germany. And of course your dealer also has vehicles on site that you can have a look at. Here you can find further information:

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Is factory sale possible?

No, factory sale is not offered. You can order your caravan, motorhome or camper van from a dealer close to you or directly buy a stock vehicle. 

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Where can I discover my favoured layout live?

If you are interested in viewing vehicles live on site, it is best to visit us at a trade fair or find a dealer who has your desired layouts in stock here:

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Which exhaust emission standard do WEINSBERG motorhomes meet?

All WEINSBERG motorhomes are equipped with the latest diesel engines and meet the current Euro 6D‐Temp standard.

Where can I find information on unladen mass and payload?

You can find all technical data (including information on unladen mass and payload) in the price list with your catalogue or in the layout information on

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How do I check whether my driving licence is sufficient for my desired motorhome or caravan?

Depending on the country, there are different categories of driving licence. Please check on your driving licence which categorie you are in. It depends on which trailer you are allowed to tow or which motorhome you are allowed to drive.

I have questions about equipment options and packages – who can I contact?

If you have questions about optional extras and packages, it is best to contact a dealer in your area. At weinsberg. com, you will also find lots of information, pictures and videos about each vehicle. These will certainly be able to answer some of your questions. On YouTube, you will also find more videos and room tours for many WEINSBERG models.

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Contact customer service directly

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