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Motorhome with alcove

Are you looking for a real family motorhome? You want up to six full‐size sleeping places – without conversion or compromises? You want the best of two motorhome worlds? Then we can definitely entrust the CaraHome, our bestseller among alcove motorhomes, to you.

What is a motorhome with alcove?

They are the absolute classic among motorhomes: Motorhomes with an alcove construction above the cab. For decades, they have been an integral part of Europe’s roads. No wonder, as alcove motorhomes offer some exciting advantages due to the additional roof construction.

The advantages of an alcove model:

  • comfortable standing height
  • separate sleeping areas
  • lots of storage space

The high roof construction makes alcove models somewhat bulkier than a semi‐integrated motorhome, but length and width of the vehicle are still well suited for beginners.

What are the advantages of an alcove motorhome?

Alcove motorhomes combine the compact dimensions of a semi‐integrated model with the ample space of a fully integrated one. Thanks to the high roof construction, the additional double bed can be installed without any lifting mechanism or other compromises. This means that neither the standing height nor the impression of space is affected in the still compact design.

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