General information


Important general notes and general dependencies


H139 - The specified perimeter of the awning is determined by the use of vehicles with standard equipment; this perimeter may vary if certain optional extras are selected (e. g. load increases / tyres). 

H719 - Please refer to the notes and explanations on the back

H141 - Please note that the number of beds indicated may include beds for both adults and children. The beds do not have the same dimensions. We therefore recommend that you consult your WEINSBERG dealer about the dimensions of the beds provided in the vehicle so that you can decide whether they are suitable for the occupancy (adults/children) you intend to have.

H142 - For some models, additional equipment must be selected in order to achieve the maximumn possible beds. Your WEINSBERG dealer will be happy to advise you.

H81 - Possible up to 3 months before production

H147 - Maximum loadability 250 kg

H128 - Gas operation while driving only permitted with Mono or Duo Control

H145 - If this option is selected, the vehicle height increases by approx. 11 cm

H31 - Front panel fabric blind omitted with option 101850 (bow window)

H146 - In addition, the hardware is prepared to be expanded via optional sensors (e.g. door/window contact).  For more information, please visit

H137 - A voucher to redeem the medicine set is enclosed with the vehicle. The medicine set contains medicines that mmust be purchased from a pharmacy. The voucher can therefore only be redeemed at the responsible MediKit mail‐order pharmacy at www. medikit. shop You can also obtain further information about your MediKit at


ABH10169 - Includes 953557

ABH10171 - Only in combination with 152827

ABH10173 - Only in combination with 152829

ABH10175 - Replaces 152829 and 150109 and 151634

ABH10177 - Only in combination with 152748 or 152750

ABH10180 - Only in combination with 150027

ABH10181 - Not possible in combination with 152748 or 152750

ABH10183 - Only in combination with 150109

ABH10185 - Not possible in combination with 100526–21

ABH10187 - Only in combination with 551687

ABH10189 - Not possible in combination with 550590

ABH10193 - Replaces 100612–22

ABH10194 - Only in combination with 550590 or 553766

ABH10195 - Not possible in combination with 100612–22

ABH10197 - Replaces 102920–02

ABH10199 - Not possible in combination with 552317 or 552413

ABH10201 - Replaces 551687

ABH10203 - Not possible in combination with 553766

ABH10206 - Only in combination with 100526–21

ABH10207 - Not possible in combination with 552682

ABH10209 - Not possible in combination with 552413 or 550590

ABH10211 - Not possible in combination with 552317 or 550590

ABH10213 - Includes 953554 and 953555

ABH10217 - Replaces 302978 and 302979 and 302980 and 302981

ABH10219 - Only in combination with 551054

ABH10221 - Replaces 453513

ABH10225 - Includes 251248–01

ABH10226 - Only in combination with 450623

ABH10227 - Not possible in combination with 251729

ABH10231 - Replaces 251248–01

ABH10232 - Only in combination with 250376–01 or 251729

ABH10233 - Not possible in combination with 251248–01

ABH10235 - Not possible in combination with 253753

ABH10237 - Only in combination with 252594–01 and 250006

ABH10239 - Only in combination with 251261 and 250006

ABH10241 - Only in combination with 252698

ABH10243 - Includes 302974 and 302975 and 302976 and 302977 and 302978 and 302979 and 302980 and 302981

ABH10247 - Replaces 152829

ABH10249 - Only in combination with 152748 or 152750, 150027

ABH10251 - Not possible in combination with 550590 or 552682

ABH10253 - Not possible in combination with FW524025322, FW524631722, FW524931022:552052 FW524935622, FW525235622:100750–02

ABH10255 - Not possible in combination with 151075

ABH10257 - Replaces 402985–17 and 402985–20

ABH10259 - Only in combination with 453604

ABH10261 - Replaces 353769

ABH10263 - Only in combination with 151075

ABH10265 - Only in combination with 151075 or 301957

ABH12938 - Only in combination with 252815 and 252698

ABH13982 - Not possible in combination with 151075 or 251729 or 250376–01

ABH14224 - Only in combination with 151070 or 151060 or 151065

ABH14226 - Only in combination with 452718–01 and 151070 or 151060 or 151065

ABH14228 - Only in combination with 450083 and 151070 or 151060 or 151065

ABH14275 - Only in combination with 450083 and (151010 or 151025 or 151027)

Important information

For leisure vehicles made by WEINSBERG, we grant you a 10‐year leak‐proofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us in addition to your compulsory guarantee within the framework of our guarantee conditions.


The content corresponds to the state of printing in 12/2021. The price list is valid as from 01/2022 for the 2022 model year. Previous price lists, brochure information and technical data are no longer valid in relation to the vehicles offered. Errors and misprints are reserved.

All dimensions and weights are within possible tolerances of ± 5% due to the use of natural raw materials. Installations, modifications or extensions in unauthorised workshops not only endanger your safety. You also risk losing your general operating permit and the statutory warranty claims. Therefore, have repairs or retrofitting carried out only by an authorised WEINSBERG specialist dealer and insist on WEINSBERG original extras. Any subsequent modifications and extensions, insofar as these are technically possible, require additional assembly and material costs. In individual cases, special request combinations may be mutually excluded. The information on the delivery contents, measurements and weights as well as the appearance correspond to the knowledge at the time of printing 07/2021. We reserve the right to make changes on equipment, technical data, serial equipment and prices. After a contract has been concluded, we reserve the right to make technical changes within the framework of the construction insofar as they serve technical progress and are acceptable for the customer. Minor colour and texture deviations are also reserved – even after conclusion of the contract – insofar as these cannot be avoided due to the material (e. g. colour deviations of up to approx. 2.0 dE between paint on sheet metal and paint on GRP/plastic) and are reasonable for the customer. Some illustrations show equipment features which are not included in the serial equipment and/or which can be ordered at extra cost (optional extras), and in some cases also equipment features of prototypes/studies/country variants which do not correspond to the serial status and which cannot be ordered as optional extras. Minor colour deviations between the illustrations in the brochure and the actual vehicle cannot be completely excluded due to printing processes. Therefore, before purchasing a vehicle, please seek comprehensive advice on the current status of the series from an authorised WEINSBERG dealer. The decoration shown in the catalogue is not part of the equipment supplied. ABOUT WEIGHTS, CALCULATION EXAMPLES AND NORMS The water supply system corresponds at least to the state of the art 03/2009 (Directive 2002/72/EC)

The water supply system corresponds at least to the state of the art 03/2009 (Directive 2002/72/EC)

WEINSBERG leisure vehicles are characterised by their technical progress. Through innovative solutions such as the use of high‐strength steels for the chassis or intelligent
honeycomb technology in furniture construction, low tare weights of the WEINSBERG leisure vehicles are created.

The mass of the empty vehicle as referred to in the price list is the mass of the vehicle withStandard equipment and without basic equipment, i. e. without the driver’s weight, „liquids‟ and optional fittings as referred to in art. 2, ciff. 3 VO (EU) 1230/2012.

The mass in running order, see Articel 2, ciff. 4 a) VO (EU) 1230/2012, unless not regulated otherwise, is defined as follows:
Mass of the vehicle withStandard equipment as referred to in manufacturer specifications (incl. tool kit): 
+ Liquid gas bottles (5 /11 kg) filled to 100% (i. e. 10 /23 kg total mass)
+ Fresh water tank (filled to 100%)
+ Toilet flush tank (filled to 100%)
+ Fresh water boiler (filled to 100%)
= Mass in running order

The „technically permissible total mass‟ see Articel 2, ciff. 7 VO (EU) 1230/2012 is defined as follows:
The mentioned vehicle’s maximum mass from the manufacturer in loaded state, i. e. the maximum permissible total mass of the vehicle in running order with special
equipment and payload (passengers, luggage, etc.)

The maximum permissible payload as referred to in the WEINSBERG catalogue is defined as:
Technically permissible total mass
– Mass in running order
= Maximum permissible payload

(Technically permissible total mass) 1.400 kg
– (Mass in running order) 1.090 kg
= (Maximum permissible payload) 310 kg

The information provided for a vehicle under the heading „Technical data / equipment details‟ initially refers to the basic type of model approved under the EC type‐approval procedure. Within the scope of country variants and special models, these values may differ if necessary. Please inform yourself about such deviations personally at your WEINSBERG specialist dealer.

Pay particular attention to the following:
The maximum load capacity as defined in the catalogue specifications is reduced, for example, by the mass of the additional equipment.

When selecting additional equipment, you are responsible for ensuring that your WEINSBERG leisure vehicle, after deducting the mass of the additional equipment from the maximum load capacity, must still have a minimum load capacity (= minimum payload) which must under no circumstances be undercut (see Annex I, Part D, ciff. OF (EU) 1230/2012)

(Maximum number of beds
+ Total length of the vehicle body in m)
x 10
= Minimum payload capacity in kg
[(Maximum number of beds) 4
+ (Total length of the vehicle body in m) 5]
x 10
= 90 kg.

As the buyer of a WEINSBERG leisure vehicle, you are obliged to comply with the minimum payload. If the vehicle you wish to order does not have the required payload capacity and minimum payload due to the optional equipment selected, you have two options to choose from for your order:
• Increasing the load of the vehicle
• De‐selecting optional equipment

Your WEINSBERG dealer will provide you with information on the remaining minimum payload of your vehicle at any time upon request. The mass of the vehicle withStandard equipment according to manufacturer specifications is determined through weighing of the vehicle with standard serial equipment.

As a user of a caravan, you are obliged to comply with the „technically permissible total mass‟ and the respective maximum axle and drawbar loads when driving and to ensure that the load distribution is appropriate and dependent on axle and drawbar load. Furthermore, you are obliged to observe all other regulations necessary for the safe operation of your caravan.

Ordering optional equipment which substitutes specific package options will not be delivered additionally. The prices indicated are recommended retail prices of the manufacturer. The prices quoted include the statutory value added tax applicable at the time and, if applicable, other legally prescribed calculation factors or taxes which may also be shown separately. The prices are (depending on the country) exclusive of the costs for registration papers, delivery and transport, unless expressly stated otherwise. The recommended retail prices for optional equipment are only valid for factory installation in new vehicles in current production. In addition, subsequent installation is not possible for all optional equipment offered. The prices of the individual packages are fixed prices and cannot be changed by additional options. Please seek advice on further details at your WEINSBERG specialist dealer.