CaraCore - Interior

The fully integrated construction of the CaraCore allows for a completely new sense of space. Of course we cleverly take this up in the interior.


True greatness. The spatial feeling is absolutely great and is supported by the elegant cross grain of the furniture.

The highlights in the living area

  • High‐quality fabrics
  • Open lines of sight
  • Elegant ceiling cupboards

With open lines of sight, you always have all the highlights in view – whether the comfortable beds at the rear, the inviting kitchen or the largest bathroom in its class. Now take a look at the highlights awaiting you in the CaraCore.


That’s how beautiful modern kitchen design is – and practical, too! The kitchenette in the CaraCore convinces with lots of storage space in large drawers and a practical Slim Tower refrigerator which takes up very little space, but offers all the more room for fresh food.

The highlights in the kitchen area

  • Slim Tower refrigerator
  • Spacious drawers
  • 3‐burner cooker


Comfort zone. The sleeping area in 650 MEG and 700 MEG with 2 m longitudinal single beds. A perfect design down to the smallest detail: ceiling cupboards with exclusive WEINSBERG handles and soft‐touch LED.

The highlights in the sleeping area

  • High‐class ambiance
  • Generous storage compartments
  • Large bed surface


Stylish and linear design in the largest bathroom in its class (700 MEG). 

The highlights in the bathroom area

  • Spacious shower area
  • Large open bathroom
  • A true storage miracle


Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 2 deco pillows
  • 2 sleeping pillows
  • 2 cuddly blankets
  • 1 table runner

The CaraCore upholstery fabrics