Safety and recall campaign

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Dear customers,

We place high demands on the safety and quality of our products. We also attach great importance to open and trusting communication.

We would therefore like to draw your attention to the fact that we have been informed about a danger of the installed fenders. According to this information, it cannot be ruled out at present that, in the worst case, traffic accidents with serious consequences can occur when a fender comes loose. If your vehicle is affected, we urge you to make an appointment with your WEINSBERG dealer.

How do I know if my vehicle is affected by the safety action or not?

You will either receive a letter from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) or be informed by your dealer. Alternatively, you can ask your dealer or send an email to to find out whether your vehicle is affected.

Where should I go to make an appointment?

Please contact one of our authorised contractual partners.

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May I continue to use the vehicle until the repair date?

The use of the vehicle is not prohibited. The competent authority, the Federal Motor Transport Authority, has not ordered the vehicles to be immobilised either. The type approval of the vehicles remains valid. However, in the interest of your own safety, we strongly advise you to participate in the recall campaign without delay. If a fender becomes detached while driving, this could lead to a traffic accident with possible injury or death for road users. Therefore, please contact your dealer as soon as possible and arrange an appointment to carry out the safety campaign.

Who is liable if something should happen?

As the owner of the vehicle, you are responsible for its safety. If an accident should occur because a fender detaches from the vehicle while driving, we cannot accept any liability for this. Against this background, we strongly recommend that you participate in the safety campaign as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay for the implementation of the security action?

The retrofit is free of charge for you: The labour and material costs for the retrofit will be covered by us. Any other costs will not be reimbursed.

I have already had my fenders replaced / refitted. Do I still have to have the action carried out?

Yes. The action must be carried out in any case. The retrofit solution has been tested, successfully examined for safety and approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This is the only way to really ensure that the fenders can no longer detach from the vehicle. Of course, the retrofitting is free of charge for you even if the attachment of the fenders to your vehicle has already been revised.

I can’t get a timely appointment with a dealer. What should I do?

We understand and appreciate that you want to have the safety action carried out immediately. This is important and necessary – also for your own safety – to prevent accidents. Until the retrofitting is carried out, there is a safety risk. Due to the current high demand, our dealers may not be able to offer you an appointment at short notice. We would therefore ask you to be patient. We have asked our dealers to support the recall campaign to the best of their ability and with priority, and have provided them with the repair instructions and repair kits.

I can't get an appointment in time and have to cancel my holiday. Will you cover the costs for this? Do you provide a rental vehicle?

Please understand that we cannot cover any costs that you may incur in connection with the repair of the vehicle and that go beyond the pure material and labour costs for the repair. Unfortunately, we or our dealers cannot provide you with a replacement vehicle. However, our dealers and we will do everything we can to make the safety operation as quick and smooth as possible for you.

I don't agree with the repair method, I don't want plugs in my fenders. I expect you to replace the complete fenders.

The retrofit solution using fastening plugs was tested and successfully examined for safety. The Kraftfahrt‐Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) has also found the retrofit to be suitable for ensuring safe fastening of the fenders. A complete replacement of the fenders is not possible.