Finally: the ComFord class.

The CaraLoft and CaraSuite on Ford Transit

Some people appreciate a French bed, others like longitudinal single beds or even transverse beds. And some cannot imagine holidaying without a large garage. What they all love is ComFord! Especially when it comes in lots of different layouts, including our short layouts with an overall length of less than 6 metres. These are packed full of well‐designed details, plenty of storage space and high‐quality interior design. So that nothing stands in the way of your ComFord.

The highlights of the layouts in the ComFord class:

  • Many different innovative and varied layout solutions
  • Short and long wheelbase models with overall lengths ranging from 5.90 to 6.99 m
  • Well‐designed details and storage solutions on all models
  • High‐quality interior design
  • Spacious bathroom solutions
  • Innovative bench seat concept with an increased seat depth