X-Cursion Van

Anything but ordinary.
up to 4 sleeping places
4 belted seats
2 layouts
3.200 kg

The X-Cursion van is everything but X-light. What makes it so special? It is a real WEINSBERG and yet completely different. It is the first WEINSBERG on VW basis - with amazingly compact exterior dimensions and a completely new body concept in the interior.

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The X-Cursion Van highlights

Anything but x‐anything.

With ingenious features such as the flexible bathroom in the 500 MQ or face‐2‐face seating area in the 500 LT, the X‐Cursion Van demonstrates how all the mod cons of a big vehicle can be squeezed into new compact dimensions.

The three most important details:

  • Two unique and innovative layout solutions
  • Basic VW T6.1 vehicle with a length of 5.88 metres
  • Compact exterior dimensions and 2 metre interior width

X‐tra efficient. X‐tra innovative. X‐tra practical.

Spacious and compact at the same time: in both layouts, the X‐Cursion Van offers a spacious kitchen, multifunctional bathroom solutions and plenty of practical details, such as diesel heating as standard.

The X-Cursion Van fact sheet
3.200 kg
Permissible gross weight
588 cm
Length (min./max.)
216 cm / 200 cm
Width (outside / inside)
280 cm / 199 cm
Height (outside / inside)

Discover the X-Cursion Van layouts

Two layouts, countless ingenious features: take a closer look at the X‐Cursion Van 500 MQ and X‐Cursion Van 500 LT and discover all the details and options.

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Anything but x-anything.


Also available as an X-clusive special model

It’s not just the standard model of the X‐Cursion Van that will make an impression – the EDITION [PEPPER] special model comes with some impressive X‐tra features, X‐clusive assistance systems and is X‐tremely good value for money. Want to spice up your holidays? Then the [PEPPER] model is the one for you!