X-Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] - Exterior

Surprisingly compact on the outside, completely reimagined on the inside. The X‐Cursion Van combines outstanding driving dynamics with comfort, making it the perfect travel companion.

X-Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] 500 LT

The X‐Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] has impressively compact exterior dimensions.

Design highlights
  • Base vehicle: VW T6.1
  • 5.88 metre vehicle length
  • Compact exterior dimensions and 2 metre interior width
  • Two unique and innovative layout solutions

Thanks to its compact exterior, the X‐Cursion Van is also at home on narrow roads. Its dynamic design and practical equipment make it an ingenious motorhome.

X-Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] 500 MQ
X-Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] 500 LT

The high‐quality exterior decals and PURE GREY design cab ensure that the X‐Cursion Van EDITION [PEPPER] is extremely eye‐catching.