CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] - Interior

Beautifully slim on the outside, large and spacious on the inside: In the CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER], we use the space particularly efficiently with intelligent solutions such as the bed step with storage space underneath or the kitchen with folding worktop.

Living & Cooking

Perfectly elaborate. Our motto: Use the potential of your WEINSBERG! For example, by combining the swivelling table extension with the work surface in the kitchen and thus creating a huge area for preparing your food.

The highlights in the living and kitchen area

  • folding table extension 
  • optional catptainchair seats
  • 24“ SMART TV as standard in the TV package

What a space concept! The CaraCompact makes particularly efficient use of space with intelligent solutions such as fold‐out worktops. The Signature Element in the kitchen exchange cabinet, the cross‐grained wood and the harmonious furniture transitions make the CaraCompact unmistakably a genuine WEINSBERG.


Where is it nicer than in bed! It would be a shame to use our big bed only for sleeping. So we also read, listen to music and write there. Or we just stretch out and relax.

The highlights in the sleeping area

  • bed surface over two metres long
  • fabric covering in the bed area
  • storage space under the beds

A really good night’s sleep. Cosy, tempting and above all big. The sleeping places in the CaraCompact entice you with a huge lying surface and many comfortable details that make your night even more restful.


Perfectly elaborate. We always like to be prepared for all eventualities, which is why we love the many storage compartments in the bathroom. Everything has its place here: insect bite gel, nail polish remover, first‐aid kit, various sun creams…

The highlights in the bathroom area

  • sliding washbasin
  • space‐saving shower panel
  • dometic ceramic cassette toilet

Every centimetre counts. With the bathroom in the CaraCompact, you can count on the usual comfort when you’re on the road. Clever solutions and details, such as a sliding washbasin or space‐saving shower walls, allow you to refresh yourself.


Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 2 deco pillows
  • 2 sleeping pillows
  • 2 cuddly blankets
  • 1 table runner

The EDITION [PEPPER] upholstery fabric


Important note: In summer 2021, the FIAT base vehicle will be replaced from the DUCATO 7 to the DUCATO 8. Therefore, please note that some illustrations of the DUCATO do not correspond to the current (new) series status.