CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW]

En selvskreven følgesvenn på actionfylte turer
opptil 5 soveplasser
4 seter med belter
2 planløsninger
under 3.500 kg


630MEG [OUTLAW] er verdens første serieproduserte CUV som lar deg få enda mer ut av hobbyen din. Om natten er det bare den gasstette hekkgarasjen som skiller deg fra leketøyet ditt. Om dagen kan du legge ut på neste eventyr

The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] highlights

The CUV with gas‐tight rear garage

For bikes and more: the CaraBus/CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW] combines a gas‐tight load compartment with a fully‐fledged living concept. This makes it the perfect companion for all those who have a lot to transport on holiday or in everyday life.

The three most important details:

  • Gas‐tight rear garage
  • Room for two motorcycles or one quad bike
  • Separate fully equipped living area

You don’t feel like thick air? But instead more time for your passion!

Spend more time on your bike – and don’t waste precious free time with a self‐assembly! The CaraBus/CaraTour 630 MEG [OUTLAW] is your companion and comes at a top price with proven WEINSBERG quality.

CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] dataark
3.500 kg
Tillatt totalvekt
636 cm
Lengde (min./maks.)
205 cm / 187 cm
Bredde (utvendig/innvendig)
282 cm / 218 cm
Høyde (utvendig/innvendig)

Discover the CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] layouts

One layout for all: With [OUTLAW] you can choose between the two design variants CaraBus and CaraTour. The ingenious 630 MEG layout is available for both models – because sometimes perfect is just good enough!

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The 630 MEG layout

CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW]

Overview of dimensions

  • Lying height above bed (above mattress) approx. 59 cm
  • Bed width approx. 170 cm
  • Bed length on the right approx. 197.5 cm
  • Bed length on the left approx. 193 cm
  • Loading width between the wheel cases approx. 137.5 cm; wider above the fittings and space for the handlebars
  • Loading height approx. 148 cm
  • Loading depth on the right approx. 220 cm
  • Loading depth on the left approx. 217 cm
  • Loose space for two Euro pallets in horizontal order (120 cm x 80 cm / pallet)