Coolness to drive off
up to 5 sleeping places
4 belted seats
3 layouts
under 3.500 kg

You want to get out of here? It’s always ready. With sporty laxness, of course. The CaraTour is a real adventurer and open for all holiday plans. Apropos of nothing, it offers an incredible amount of room and storage space despite its compactness. On the largest bed surface in its class, chilling is a real pleasure.

The CaraTour highlights

The simply‐set‐off CUV

Get in, buckle up, set off: It has never been so easy to experience freedom and holiday as with the WEINSBERG CaraTour. The practical CUV offers you everything you need at a price you’ll love.

The three most important details:

  • Largest bed surface in its class
  • Automative driving dynamics
  • Cool sporty design language

Time to go: Pack your bags. Get in. Drive.

In terms of appearance, we prefer a minimalistic yet modern design that makes a great impression wherever you travel. The CaraTour convinces with exceptional usability, tried‐and‐tested quality and a price‐performance ratio that lets your world‐traveller heart beat faster.

The CaraTour fact sheet
3.300 - 3.500 kg
Permissible gross weight
541 cm to 599 cm
Length (min./max.)
205 cm / 187 cm
Width (outside / inside)
258 - 282 cm / 190 - 218 cm
Height (outside / inside)

Discover the CaraTour layouts

Up to five beds and not one extra ounce weight. These are our layouts for the CaraTour. Simply select how you would like to sleep, pack your bags and set off on your holiday!

WEINSBERG CaraTour dealers close to you

On the road in the CaraTour


Sven und Philipp

Sven and Philipp. Others complain about heavy snowfall, we go to the Alps in the middle of winter. As freeriders and campers, we love curving in the snow just as much as on the road. For that, we need the right vehicle – or better said a companion like the CaraTour. It is sporty, it is fast, it can take on any road, no matter how winding. You can pack everything that you need as an ambitious winter sportsman. Long story short, the CUV is made for our plans in which we are accompanied by professional photographer Gregor.

Important note: In summer 2021, the FIAT base vehicle will be replaced from the DUCATO 7 to the DUCATO 8. Therefore, please note that some illustrations of the DUCATO do not correspond to the current (new) series status.