The camper van pop-up roof layouts

Enough space for those who want to reach high altitudes: To feel at home in your pop‐up roof, you need the right substructure. That’s why we can offer the camper van pop‐up roof for all layouts that support the vehicle height „H2‟. Click here to find out which layouts for CaraBus and CaraTour are compatible with the pop‐up roof.

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All others build panel vans

We build camper vans!

All others build panel vans

Anyone who builds panel vans is no longer up to date. That is why we at WEINSBERG build camper vans. Passion, experience and a lot of attention to detail: this is how we turn a panel van into a genuine camper van. It combines state‐of‐the‐art body technology and full camping equipment with the practical everyday qualities of a classic van. Win‐win, let’s say. Or just: camper van!