Camper van pop-up roof - Exterior

A pop‐up roof without a bulky structure. Beautifully integrated, aerodynamically designed and made of absolutely robust material. This is exactly what the WEINSBERG camper van pop‐up roof is.

Simply surpasses everything!

Look forward to a pop‐up roof that offers much more than you might think at first glance. Underneath the unobtrusive superstructure is a robust LFI construction with blackout, mosquito net and practical convertible function.

Looks good and feels good: The sturdy construction and aerodynamic design provide a sporty look and minimal wind noise during the ride.

The world of our camper van colours – for extra style

Our colour palette is quite extensive and you just can’t decide right away? Take your time. (Optional high roof paint: possible in all body colours except black)


kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-weiss lackvarianten/kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-campovolograu kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-lanzarotegrey kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-schwarz kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-fergrau kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-alugrau kta-weinsberg-fiat-lackvariante-artensegrey
Unilacquer finish without extra charge
Special Solid / Available for an extra charge
Special Solid / Available for an extra charge
Metallic / Available for an extra charge
Metallic / Available for an extra charge
Metallic / Available for an extra charge
Metallic / Available for an extra charge

Please note that some of the videos use footage of the FIAT DUCATO 7, a previous model of the current model generation of the FIAT DUCATO. WEINSBERG only uses the current generation of the FIAT DUCATO for its motorhomes and camper vans based on the FIAT DUCATO. We therefore ask you to inform yourself about the current model generation at your local WEINSBERG dealer before making a purchase decision.