The X-Cursion van based on the VW T6.1.

Anything but x-anything.

up to 4 berths
4 seat belts
2 layouts
under 3,500 kg

The new X‐Cursion van is everything but X‐light. What makes it so special? It is a real WEINSBERG and yet completely different. It is the first WEINSBERG on VW basis – with amazingly compact exterior dimensions and a completely new body concept in the interior.

The most important details:

  • Two unique and innovative layout solutions
  • Basic VW T6.1 vehicle with a length of 5.88 metres
  • Compact exterior dimensions and 2 metre interior width
  • Optional Easy‐Move bed
  • Swivel bath and Face‐2‐Face seating group in the 500 LT
  • Fully‐fledged rear garage and multifunctional T‐space in the 500 MQ
  • Also available as EDITION [PEPPER]

The X-Cursion Van highlights

Its two layouts each come with a special feature:

The 500 MQ combines a full height adjustable shower in the flex bath, a generous transverse bed and a rear garage. The highlight in the 500 LT is the inviting fixed face‐to‐face seating group with room for up to 6 people and the entry at the rear. In short, the X‐Cursion Van shows how you can pack the comfort of a big one into new compact dimensions.

The new X-Cursion Van also available as a special EDITION [PEPPER] model

The new X‐Cursion Van cuts a fine figure not only as a standard model – as a red‐hot special model EDITION [PEPPER] it convinces with X‐tra much equipment, X‐exclusive assistance systems and an X‐tremely good price‐performance ratio. So you can experience a holiday on a real [PEPPER] level!

X-clusive insights

The new X-Cursion Van-layouts


X-Cursion Van 500 MQ

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X-Cursion Van 500 LT

More information coming soon