Your home on holiday
up to 7 sleeping places
11 layouts
from 1.100 kg

The CaraOne is the absolute number one among the WEINSBERG caravans. With its flexible equipment the family friend fits to every travel group. Its 11 layouts are completely different, but have one thing in common: a particularly cosy ambience with high‐quality details

The CaraOne highlights

One for all: The CaraOne

That’s how versatile a caravan can be: The family caravan with 11 layouts inspires with modern design inside and outside and an outstanding price‐performance ratio.

The three most important details:

  • 11 layouts for each type of camping
  • Flexible bathroom and bed solution
  • Striking rear light moudling

A real caravan all‐rounder

Despite all the features and the many highlights the CaraOne remains above all one thing: a real caravan allrounder for couples, single campers and families. This fact and its smart price‐performance ratio makes it the absolute leader in its class.

The CaraOne fact sheet
1.100 - 1.700 kg
Permissible gross weight
593 cm to 761 cm
Length (min./max.)
220 - 250 cm / 204 - 234 cm
Width (outside / inside)
257 - 270 cm / 196 - 209 cm
Height (outside / inside)

Discover the CaraOne layouts

From the compact 390 QD to the generous 550 QDK: Caravan fans will get their money´s worth in the CaraOne. Each layout makes efficient use of the available space and creates an unparalleled impression of space.

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On the road in the CaraOne


Ramona and René

We love nature, travelling and independence. The idea to buy a caravan came quite spontaneously. The CaraOne was love at first sight, with it we found the perfect, family‐friendly holiday companion. After all, there are now five of us travelling, with our two little children and four‐legged friend Nito.