CaraCompact EDITION [PEPPER] MB - Exterior

The widest vans in their class – even though they are actually in a class of their own thanks to the star. Either way: With the [PEPPER] models you always make a self‐confident appearance!

Construction highlights
  • Hood in LFI technology
  • Large panorama window
  • Continuous aluminium skirts
  • Fenders for excellent body integration
  • 200 cm interior headroom (190 cm under the lifting bed)
  • 212 cm interior width, making it the widest van in its class
  • 60 mm additional garage height
  • Innovative bench seat concept
  • Larger beds

The WEINSBERG OWN line – Personality has three letters.

Discover powerful design, as well as an exclusive and aerodynamic appearance. OWN is for those who value individuality. OWN is for those who want more. Make your WEINSBERG your pride and joy.