Beds, kitchens & baths

More options and floor plans than we can count! Discover now the different motorhome variants for beds, kitchen and bathroom and find exactly the option that fits your vacation. From compact to spacious, for two people or the whole family: Whatever your dream vacation looks like, your WEINSBERG will get you there!

Beds - sleep as you please

Waking up relaxed every morning. At WEINSBERG we know how important good sleep is for the holiday experience. That is why all bed variants and layouts are designed with generosity and comfort in mind. Thanks to the large choice, everyone will find their perfect sleeping place.

Kitchen - the right living recipe for everyone

The kitchen is the heart of the home – and of course the motorhome. Thanks to robust work surfaces, plenty of space for utensils and high‐quality appliances, cooking is really fun.

Baths - refreshing room concepts

In the bathroom everything is concerned with space. This is where true greatness shows itself in the well thought‐out solutions. Plenty of storage space, attractive design and flexible details offer space to feel good.