CaraSuite - Interior

More space for a real holiday upgrade! In the CaraSuite, you enjoy great freedom with 2,15 metres headroom and a lifting bed that is comfortable at night and inconspicuous during the day.


During the day a paradise for playing, at night for sleeping: The lifting bed can be stowed under the high roof in just a few easy steps. This means that the space underneath remains perfectly usable at all times – and that you can always enjoy plenty of headroom. This is how flexible a semi‐integrated can be!

The highlights in the living area

  • Spacious ceiling cabinets
  • Up to 2.1 m headroom 
  • Large dinette

Only room service is missing now …


More room, more storage space, more delicious: The kitchen in the CaraSuite is equipped for a long family trip and offers enough possibilities to provide all the little predators that have travelled with you with delicious meals. Of course you can also use the wide kitchen block for two – for perfect division of tasks and more fun cooking!

The highlights in the kitchen area

  • Stainless steel sink
  • 3‐burner cooker
  • 133 L refrigerator


Lights out and door shut! In the CaraSuite, two separate sleeping areas can be set up in a jiffy. So mum and dad can relax and recharge their batteries in the comfortable rear beds, while the kids in the lifting bed can turn night into day. Camping holidays for everyone!

The highlights in the sleeping area

  • 60 cm height in the lifting bed
  • Single beds convertible to a double bed
  • Wardrobe under the beds


The large bathroom for a relaxed start into the day: In the CaraSuite, you can easily share the spacious bathroom – perfect when everyone wants to get ready quickly. The shower is also self‐sufficient and does not take up any extra space in the bathroom. Well planned and perfectly implemented!

The highlights in the bathroom area

  • Spatial separation of shower and toilet
  • Practical mirror cabinet
  • Low shower step


Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 2 deco pillows
  • 2 sleeping pillows
  • 2 cuddly blankets
  • 1 table runner

The CaraSuite upholstery fabrics

WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - TURIN WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - FOREST WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - STONE WATER WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - BLOOM WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - DUSK WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - SZECHUAN WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - ACTIVE NAVY (Active Line) WEINSBERG CaraSuite - Polsterstoffe - FIFTY SHADES (Kunstleder)
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
FIFTY SHADES (synthetic leather)
Available at extra cost.