CaraBus - Interior

Promising a great deal means delivering a great deal. Therefore, we are showing you here how we actually implemented our commitment to useful space.


And on we go with our ride. But before we do, we have to stow our things away – quite a lot! We even have camping chairs and tables with us. What we particularly like about the CaraBus is the bright and friendly furniture decor and the numerous practical details.

The highlights in the living area

  • 24‟ LED television
  • Touch LED spots
  • CP‐Plus control panel

Classically fresh appearance. The difference lies in the detail. No matter what the surroundings, the CaraBus always cuts a fine figure.


Our homemade pasta is a hit. Compared to the hob at home, the water boils within a few minutes thanks to automatic ignition and gas stove in the CaraBus. The seating group with the foldable table is really super practical and spacious.

The highlights in the kitchen area

  • Compact construction
  • Glass cover over the cooker
  • Harmonious furniture design


As we usually stay up late, our nights in the CaraBus are rather short but very pleasant. The transverse bed of the CaraBus 600 MQ is a perfect fit for us two. Christoph is not quite small but has enough space despite his 1.85 m. Our CaraBus is definitely a perfect retreat amid of a wonderful natural landscape!

The highlights in the sleeping area

  • Pleasant living ambience
  • Elaborate equipment details
  • Several bed variations


Fortunately the bathroom in the CaraBus is well illuminated and the storage compartments have my beauty essentials handy.

The highlights in the bathroom area

  • Wall storage compartments
  • Folding table
  • Magnetic shower curtain


Show your colours or abstain decently – you have got the choice of decoration with COZY HOME.

Optionally available for every WEINSBERG

  • 2 deco pillows
  • 2 sleeping pillows
  • 2 cuddly blankets
  • 1 table runner

The CaraBus upholstery fabrics

Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
FIFTY SHADES (synthetic leather)
Available at extra cost.