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Caravaning Utility Vehicle (CUV) from WEINSBERG

Anyone who builds campervans is no longer up to date. Therefore we build CUV! Our Caravaning Utility Vehicles are modern and fully equipped allrounders that offer high living comfort in compact dimensions. The CaraBus is our unique CUV allrounder: it is spacious, agile and shines with great equipment details. The minimalist CUV alternative to the CaraBus is the cool CaraTour. The „simpleless‟ CUV makes the start of your vacation as easy as never before.

The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] offers plenty of space for your passion. In the huge, gas‐tight rear garage, two motorcycles can be comfortably parked, plus you have a fully equipped living room with everything you need between races and on tour.

The CUV goes high with the MQH high‐roof models or the brand new CUV pop‐up roof, which outshines all other pop‐up roofs available on the market and sets new quality standards.

But now enough talked. Let our CUV speak!

Configure your ideal CUV

With the WEINSBERG configurator you have the possibility to tailor your desired layout to your preferences. Thus, your camping holiday will not only be beautiful, but perfect!

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Our Caravaning Utility Vehicle (CUV)


In the past, they were simply called vans, but we have used a lot of know‐how to turn the compact camping vans into real CUV. You’ll be delighted with the sophisticated full camping equipment, elaborate insulation and lots of practical features for your camping holiday. Of course, our CUV remain real helpers for your everyday mobile life – from bulk shopping to furniture transport. You can find out more about our test winning CUV here.

Buy a CUV for a camping holiday

Every CUV from WEINSBERG feels on top of the world during your camping holiday. The versatile camping equipment with a large bed in the rear, an open or fitted bathroom, a compact kitchen and a bright dinette immediately creates a feeling of home on four wheels on every journey. And thanks to the compact body and the manoeuvrable vehicle, you can explore even the most winding roads and narrow alleys. This is what real freedom looks like! By the way, with our MQH models (with lifting bed!) and the CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] (with a huge rear garage!),  we have two real specialist CUV in our range that you shouldn’t miss. Buy your WEINSBERG CUV and start your holiday now!

Using CUV in everyday life

Every CUV from WEINSBERG is based on a classic box van from Fiat or Peugeot. Extensive conversions turn the box van into a fully‐fledged camping vehicle which, thanks to its special equipment, has earned the name „CUV‟.  However, a CUV has not forgotten its capabilities as a versatile transport vehicle. Thanks to the large rear doors and variable storage space, it offers a high level of everyday utility for all those who have a lot to transport. Whether craftsmen, sportsmen or only regular furniture store visitors: With a CUV from WEINSBERG, you receive a powerful holiday vehicle and a practical transporter at the same time. Insider tip: The CaraBus/CaraTour [OUTLAW] with its huge gas‐tight rear garage. Absolutely have a look at it!

All others build vans

We build CUV!

Anyone who builds vans is no longer up to date. That is why we at WEINSBERG build CUV. Passion, experience – and lots of love to details: That’s how we turn a van into a real Caravaning Utility Vehicle. It combines the most modern body technology and full camping equipment with the practical everyday qualities of a classic van. Win‐win, we call it. Or simply: CUV!

Ingeniously thought out

The breathable fabric covering on the side walls can absorb and release moisture.

It all depends on the technology

We are extremely careful in choosing our partners and only process what really convinces us.

Perfect vehicle construction

We pay attention to every little detail when assembling the various elements.

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