CaraOne UK 550 UK

up to 7
Sleeping places
Bunk beds, Double bed, French
Bed variants
761 cm
Total length
250 cm
Total width
257 cm
1.247 kg
Unladen mass

The CaraOne UK 550 UK in detail

Technical data

Total length761
Interior length (cm)570
Total width / Interior width (cm)250 / 234
Total height / Interior height (cm)257 / 196
Awning dimensions (cm)1.023
Mass of the unladen vehicle (kg)*1.190
Mass in running order (kg)*1.230
Tecnically maximum authorized laden mass (kg)*1.500
Maximum load capacity (kg)*270
Tyre size185 R14 C
Rim size5 1/2 J x 14
Sleeping berthsup to 7 3)
Bed dimensions, front (cm)216 x 139
Bed dimensions, centre (cm)-
Bed dimensions, rear (cm)199 x 130, 2 x 187 x 66 3)8)
Bed dimensions lifting bed (cm)-
Entrance door (cm): W x H door70 x 181
Hinged windows all around (model Dometic C6) 2)7
Skylights with insect protection4
Mushroom-shaped fans-
Listprice incl. 20% VAT GBP£ 22.840,00
AL-KO chassis with semi-trailing link axle
hydraulic shock absorbers
5-point wheel mounting
Automatic reverse
Servo-assisted hand brake
Winding corner steadies for stable standing
Roof of GRP w/ reduced sensitivity of hail
Aluminium hammer finish, on the side walls, front and rear in plain sheet metal
One-key locking system
Hinged double windows (one each with combination blind in the kitchen area)
Cabin door: WEINSBERG TREND, one-piece, without window
Foil artwork WEINSBERG
Curtain windows in middle dark degree
Gas bottle locker with outside flap, with metal ground(can be equipped with 2 x 23 kg bottles)
Wall thickness: 33 mm
Roof thickness: 33 mm
Floor thickness: 40 mm
12 V awning lamp
Third brake light
Living / Sleeping
Furniture decor Tiberino and Piquet Beige
Durable PVC floor
Storage box rear-ventilated
Corner shelves at U-seating group
Lighting without Canopy above kitchen
Upholstery selection: STONE WATER, BLOOM, DUSK, FOREST
EvoPore HRC matress
Curtain as room divider
Power Supply
Electric connector to the towing vehicle, 13-pole Jäger
Interior lighting completely in 12 V
230 V outside socket outlet
Fi breaker
350 VA transformer
Various socket outlets inside
Luminaire in the sleeping area of bunk beds incl. USB socket (depending on layout)
Gas / Water / Heating / Conditioning
Gas heating: Truma heating S 3004 up to body length 550 with Piezo ignition
Gas regulator
15 l fresh water tank
Water supply system with 12 V immersion pump
Central waste water conduit, one outside drain under the floor
3-burner cooker and sink made of stainless steel, with glass cover
Refrigerator 12V/230V/gas, 106 L / 133 L (depends on layout)
Dometic ceramic cassette toilet
Corner washbasin in wooden cabinet, with mirror (depends on layout)
Wooden cabinet with shelves
Additional Serials in UK
Alloy wheels
Spare wheel alloy wheel
Hinged window in the front
Smart package
Ambience light package
Advanced package
Weight increase[*]
1.500 up to 1.600/1.700 kg, (1.700 kg chassis)25£462,00
Alloy wheels for single-axle models-Standard
17" alloy wheels for single-axle models, polished in anthracite in exclusive WEINSBERG Design-£629,00
17" alloy wheels for single-axle models, front polished in black gloss in exclusive WEINSBERG Design-£629,00
Spare wheel aluminium wheels 17" in exclusive WEINSBERG design - only possible with option 152748 / 152749 / 152750 / 152751 (17" alloy wheels)-£445,00
AL-KO anti-skid system: Trailer Control-ATC4£768,00
AL-KO heavy load supports6,4£120,00
AL-KO heavy load supports, incl. Big Foot6,9£196,00
Stabiliser coupling2,5£323,00
Drawbar covering4£88,00
Support wheel with integrated damper-£56,00
Spare wheel (Steel) incl. car jack (only possible with option 150027)21£184,00
Spare wheel alloy wheel-Standard
Spare wheel holder in the gas bottle locker1£53,00
Breakdown kit1£92,00
Windows / Doors / Ventilation
Hinged window in the front-Standard
Midi-Heki 70 x 50 cm-Standard
Flyscreen blind, full length of the door2Standard
Hinged window toiletroom incl. Cassett combi blind4Standard
Combination blinds for windows-Standard
Garage door on the left side of the rear (for bike garage) - only possible with 3rd bunk bed-£356,00
Service hatch lockable1£218,00
Living / Sleeping
Carpeting for body length 500 to 590-Standard
3rd bunk bed [3)]-£280,00
Multifunctional 3rd bunk bed (bench, storage, bike garage)-£323,00
Seating group with folding bed instead of bunk bed [5)]-£429,00
Ceiling cabinets instead of tray in the front, left or right hand side (depends on layout)2£217,00
Luggage rack (2 pcs) for bunk beds-£73,00
Upholstery / Textiles
COZY HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner-£165,00
Power supply
Complete antenna system CARO®+ Premium14£2.318,00
24" TV unit with HD tuner-£626,00
TV preparation with socket outlet and cable routing (depending on layout)-£53,00
12 V mobile system comprising: Gel battery, automatic charger, master switch and level indicator for fresh water29£926,00
Electrical outlets Plus package – consisting of: - 1 pc. each of additional 230-volt power outlet in the kitchen and the seating group - 1 pc. each USB socket in the seating group and in the sleep area0,5£220,00
Gas / Water / Heating / Air conditioning
Waste water tank 25 litre, mobile, in gas box3,3£120,00
Water filter system "BWT - Best-Camp mini"-£315,00
Electric floor heating, til body length 550-£462,00
Fresh water tank permanent mount, 45 ltr.5£212,00
Mono Contol CS vertical (on 1 gas bottle)1£277,00
Duo Control CS vertical (on 2 gas bottles)1£370,00
Hot water supply Truma with connection for kitchen/toiletroom5£277,00
Truma Ultraheat – only in combination with opt. 551054 12 V air circulation system2£323,00
Recirculation air system (12V)4£247,00
Air conditioning Freshjet 220030£1.993,00
Exterior gas socket0,5£190,00
Kitchen / Sanitary
Foldable worktop extension on the kitchen1£76,00
Shower extension for standard bathroom (shower rail, shower curtain and rail) – only available in combination with Smart package + hot water supply Truma (Opt. 450083)2£209,00
Awning Omnistor
Awning with mounting on the roof 455 cm x 250 cm42£1.329,00
Bicycle rack “Thule Carava Superb”, 2 bicycles, towbar (excludes option 100570)5£320,00
Smart package 12 kg
Stabiliser coupling£323,00
Combination blinds for windows£135,00
Fresh water tank permanent mount, 45 ltr, instead of 15 l can£212,00
12 V air circulation system£274,00
AL-KO heavy load supports£120,00
Water filter system "BWT - Best-Camp mini"£315,00
Advanced package 16,3 kg
Midi-Heki 70 x 50 cm£369,00
Hot water supply Truma with connection for kitchen/toiletroom£277,00
Flyscreen blind, full length of the door£126,00
Shower extension for standard bathroom£209,00
Waste water tank 25 litre, mobile£120,00
Ambience light package
LED surface-mounted spotlights above seating group-
LED ambient lighting in Friese storage boxes and kitchen hangers-
Fabric trim front wall (not possible with front window)-
Fabric-covered lamp holder above seating group and for kitchen hangers-
Multifunctional wall as kitchen rear wall-
List price package£340,00
TV package 24"
Complete antenna system CARO®+ Premium£2.318,00
24" TV unit with HD tuner£626,00
TV holder£158,00
Total price options£3.102,00
List price package£2.390,00