The revolutionary SUPERLIGHT technology

Now you can pack… as much as you want.

SUPERLIGHT is more than just leaving something out. It is a revolutionary technology that ensures maximum weight savings. The result: you can take more with you on your travels without having to do without equipment features. That’s why we’ve packed it into our largest models – the CaraCore 700 MEG and the new CaraHome 650 DG.

The SUPERLIGHT highlights

Put an end to stress when loading

With SUPERLIGHT you can load up to 30% more – without giving comfort and functionality a miss! We’ll tell you how we managed that. 

The three most important details:

  • Furniture made of high‐strength lightweight panels
  • Lightweight leaf springs made of high‐tech plastic
  • More stable seat construction in lightweight technology

You don’t have to watch your weight. We take care of that.

How did we manage to get almost 30 % more payload out of our two largest models? It’s simple: we paid attention to every little detail and used the most modern construction materials we could find. From the furniture to the chassis: SUPERLIGHT is super high‐tech for your holiday!

In summer 2021, the FIAT base vehicle will be replaced from the DUCATO 7 to the DUCATO 8. Unfortunately, it is not possible for organisational reasons to print the photos of the update at a later date. Therefore, please note that some illustrations of the DUCATO do not correspond to the current (new) series status.