CaraSuite Ford

The versatile and spacious one.
up to 6 sleeping places
up to 5 belted seats
4 layouts
3.500 kg

With its standard lifting bed and elegant, streamlined roof, the CaraSuite Ford is the perfect all‐rounder. Whether for couples or families, plenty of storage space and the remarkable amount of headroom guarantee a relaxing holiday experience. There’s nothing that can compete with a Ford!

The CaraSuite Ford highlights

The versatile and spacious one

The spacious interior, standard lifting bed and elegant, streamlined roof are what make this motorhome so unique. Whether travelling with family or friends, the CaraSuite Ford is extremely versatile. Its slim exterior dimensions and dynamic ride comfort make it a great holiday companion.

The three most important details:

  • Standard lifting bed with 185 cm of headroom underneath
  • Huge rear garage for extra storage space
  • Longitudinal single beds over 2 metres in length

The spacious travel companion

From outside, the characteristic design of the CaraSuite Ford features a wave‐shaped roof. On the inside, the spacious interior, standard lifting bed and tremendous amount of headroom make the motorhome feel truly luxurious.

The CaraSuite Ford fact sheet
3.500 kg
Permissible gross weight
599 cm to 741 cm
Length (min./max.)
232 cm / 218 cm
Width (outside / inside)
284 cm / 200 cm
Height (outside / inside)

Discover the CaraSuite Ford layouts

Behind the compact exterior dimensions and sweeping lines, the CaraSuite boasts a generous amount of living space, longitudinal single beds and a lifting bed as standard. There is plenty of room for you to move around and relax in the CaraSuite Ford.

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