CaraLoft - Exterior

Great driving dynamics, practical equipment and dynamic design: the CaraLoft makes it clear at first glance that it is an ingenious motorhome.

#teamWEINSBERG: Markus Sämmer on the road in the storage miracle CaraLoft

Caffeinated we are ready for new adventures. First impulse: exploring the area. True to style on our longboards. Besides all the cookware, the camping table and all the sports equipment, they easily fit in.

On to the next stop: Quickly grabbing the wheels from the carrier and off we go! We really want to power ourselves off before we let the evening end in a relaxed manner. Even sports freaks appreciate living comfort!

With its rear light carrier, the exclusive WEINSBERG aluminium rims or the intuitive Easy Travel Box it makes a strong impression and sweetens everyday camping life.