Stared at your own four walls long enough? Time to discover something new!


Turn your holiday into a home game and start new adventures as soon as possible. With WEINSBERG leisure vehicles you have the ideal travel companion. Save yourself the stress of booking and become a spontaneous holidaymaker in your own mobile home.

Are you ready for a holiday? At WEINSBERG you can now find everything you need!

A spontaneous holiday? Now? That’s possible! With WEINSBERG you experience real freedom and individual travelling whenever you want.

Your advantages on a caravanning holiday

  • Your hotel room on wheels with full equipment
  • Everything you need on board
  • Perfect hygiene thanks to own sanitary facilities
  • Pure freedom

Out into the countryside, to the beach or into the mountains? With caravanning you have everything you need for your dream holiday with you – and without the stress of booking. Your own bathroom? Check! Your own kitchen? Check! A real home on four wheels? Check. With WEINSBERG you enjoy your own four walls – whenever and wherever you want.

Safety on the road

You can find up‐to‐date information on the currently valid travel regulations and rules of conduct at the campsites here.

Holiday in a motorhome

Camping is the safest form of holiday in times of Corona. And there are good reasons for this!

  • You travel alone or with your family and have hardly any contact to other holidaymakers / campers. So you stick to social distancing and pay attention to your safety distance.
  • The way is already the goal: There is no need to use public transport for arriving at your destination.
  • You travel absolutely self‐sufficient and enjoy your independent full equipment on board. This includes a kitchen with refrigerator, bathroom with water tank, bedroom with own beds and more. This way you will feel at home even when you are on the road and you are completely independent. #EverywhereAtHome
  • Caravanning means travelling safely and absolutely flexibly. You are your own tour guide – you decide where to go and how long the journey will take.
  • You always have your own four walls with you wherever you go. Alone, as a couple or with your family you can enjoy your holiday – and feel as safe and secure as at home. #EverywhereAtHome
  • You don’t have to rely on others to play by the hygiene and cleanliness rules. You have everything you need on board.

Layout finder

It takes no time at all to find the perfect WEINSBERG layout. Just tell us what you are looking for.

Rent or buy

Caravanning is exactly your cup of tea? You have rented a vehicle before and would now like to finally fulfil your dream of your own WEINSBERG? We can understand that very well. Buying your own motorhome, camper van or caravan has many advantages compared to renting. We will explain the differences so that you can make the right decision for you.

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Our partners

To make your holiday even more enjoyable

We have more in common with our partners than just good business relations because only those who think and feel the same way as we do can recognise what is really important for an eventful camping trip. From the equipment of the vehicle to the choice of the perfect campsite, we want to use our experience and that of our partners to make your holiday as relaxed as possible.